VPN redefined
VPN redefined

VR2020-D & VR2020-LD

The development of a router generation in the professional business area: The VR2020-D & VR2020-LD adapts various requirements, is above average flexibility and offers maximum security for your sensitive information.

Partner program
Partner program

best conditions

As developer and manufacturer of modern data communications technology, TDT offers qualified IT systems houses and system integrators a partnership with best conditions.


Generaldirektor, Cephei AG

MANY thanks again for your magnificent router C1500lw that here indeed is now in use for some time and works fantastically. Our LTE problem was completely solved thanks to your excellent product - very great compliment to your developers.

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As a developer and manufacturer of high quality products for data communication, we always keep an eye on the requirements of our customers and offer customized solutions. We analyse your network environment, then optimize or develop a new and cost-effective network concept.

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Routers directly from the manufacturer


As a designer and manufacturer of modern data communication technology, TDT provides products to the highest standards of quality and reliability. TDT produces Router und Gateway Systems, from small industrial VPN Routers over UMTS Router to large Central Site VPN Gateways and Loadbalancers for host environments.

For more than 30 years leading companies have been relying on the high-end technology and expert service from TDT. Now you can optimize the data flow in your company - cost-effectively, safely and tailor-made to meet your requirements.

Flexible data exchange via VPN (Virtual Private Network) has a high significance in every company and significantly contributes to its smooth running. Irrespective whether, as a global player you require a professional solution with a central site gateway or a mobile solution with an Lte Router for a medium-sized company - you will find routers and VPN gateways for all requirements. Mobile Router/Gateways from TDT have a modular design. As flexible multi-protocol router platforms they offer a multitude of application posibilities. Each VPN Concentrator from our series enables the connection of different data terminal equipment and quickly creates new applications.

Because our IP access solutions conform strictly to market orientation, we offer you mobile routers of the newest generation: 4G routers. The successor of the 3G UMTS router is traded under the name »Long Term Evolution« or LTE Router for short. As the new technology can be linked to the existing UMTS structure, the 3G Router can be upgraded at a relatively low cost. One big advantage compared with the 3G UMTS Router is the considerably increased download or upload speed with up to 100 MBit per second. Additionally the latency time has been drastically reduced, fast response times are the result.

Inform yourself about our broad product portfolio from access and/or UMTS/Lte router up to powerful VPN gateways and numerous, individual solutions for your applications.

We are looking forward to your inquiry.